Assistant Manager (Office Manager)


— Level of education: secondary or higher education;
— Experience in this field for at least 1 year;
— Confident PC user;
— Fluent Russian (English is beneficial)
— The ability to keep records;
— Ability to develop reliable relationships with customers

Confident user of PC, the Internet, office machines, and facsimile
Managerial skill
Competent writing of business letters and content
Teamwork skills
MS Internet Explorer
Skills of working with primary documentation


Prepare necessary documents, ensure their
processing, registration, and control over their implementation; provide information and reference services, as well as storage of documentary information.
Control of competent and proper preparation, coordination, approval of documents to be submitted to the director for signature.
Monitoring the execution of documents and instructions from the management, adopting prompt measures for their timely and high-quality execution
Preparation, making decision and bringing them to the responsible persons.
Analysis of information and reports submitted to management, making competent opinions on them.
Reception of visitors.
Keeping and registration of the minutes of meetings and conferences.

Performing other official assignments of the line manager.
Office operational activity support

Working conditions:
Official employment as per Labour Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Work schedule: a five-day working week from 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.;
Lunches provided;
Probationary period – 2 months.

Salary: Based on interview results.
Incentives for development.

Место работы: Tashkent, Bektemir district, massive Vodnik

Contact phone +998931805404

Technical Engineer in Metal Processing


Education: higher technical education.

-User of MS Office, AutoCad, Kompas;
– ability to interpret drawings
– standards for consumption of raw and other materials, energy resources, types of defects and ways to prevent them;
– standard technological processes and process conditions;

-Work with drawings and design documentation, drawing up a technological process of production (metalworkinging)
– Adjustment of new technological processes and CNC machine control programs.
– Development and adjustment of technological processes.
– Selection of cutting and auxiliary tools.
– Product quality control at the stage of introducing new technological processes and executives.
– Design, manufacture, order of special devices and clamping devices.
– Improvement of existing technical processes to minimize costs

Job conditions:
Official employment according to the provisions of the Labour Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Work schedule: a five-day working week from 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.;
Office catering;

Probationary period – 2 months.

Salary: According to the interview results.

Incentives for development.

Place of work: Tashkent, Bektemir district, Vodnik – Block
Contact phone +998931805404




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