rezka metalla

Cutting of sheet metal of any complexity and thickness up to 20 mm (stainless steel, ferrous metal, copper, brass)

The maximum materials utilization rate depends on the proper programming (of cutting). The laser machine allowance zone is 1500×3000 mm

Part geometry is programmed by a BySoft CAD/CAM application. Its cutting process guarantees a perfectly clean cut.


  • minimal contact of the laser beam with the surface, while  the rest of the part does not heat up during sheet metal laser processing, ensures the safety of the operators;
  • high  accuracy and efficiency of the laser processing  require no additional treatment  of the parts, which can be immediately fed to the next production process
  • laser works are carried out by using BYSTRONIC FIBER 3000 – one of the most modern equipment for sheet metal processing
Laser cutting performance potential
Steel Maximum cutting thickness 20мм
Stainless steel Maximum cutting thickness 12мм
Galvanized steel Maximum cutting thickness  3,0мм
Aluminium Maximum cutting thickness   12мм
Copper Maximum cutting thickness   6,0мм
Brass Maximum cutting thickness   6,0мм