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Our equipment

The equipment of the Metal Processing plant allows performing any metal treatment from parts for heavy engineering to decorative metal elements.

Production lines are equipped with modern machines, including:

  • BYSTRONIC BYSPRINT FIBER 3000 – Laser machine with additional features, such as Power Cut Fiber, Cut Control Fiber, Detection Eye;
  • TRUPUNCH 1000 – coordinate punching  press break;
  • BYSTRONIC XPERT 200 – sheet bending press break;
  • Komby –  semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3000
Allows cutting sheet metal up to 20 mm thick, while its additional features of Power Cut Fiber, Cut Control Fiber, Detection Eye designed to automate the process, make it possible to cut high-precision products with a complex configuration of the external contour. Clean cut allows minimizing the cost of subsequent metal processing.

Cutting metal on a laser machine

TruPunch 1000
This is the ideal basic machine for professional cutting. The press features a high level of versatility in processing. The equipment is designed for not only conventional cutting, but also thread rolling, bead-forming and plate bending. Medium format sheets are fully processed in one clamp without additional grip.

Metal processing on the press

Modern high-precision bending equipment BYSTRONIC XPERT 200  allows   bending sheet metal with the highest precision and perfect quality.  Even an operator without a previous experience may work with  Xpert, which guarantees a very high repositioning accuracy, thanks to its real-time compensation systems. Excellent bending results are achieved thanks to the Pressure-Reference technology with an automatic dynamic crowning system.

For painting parts we use our Komby  with a special painting chamber to paint assembly units of size: length 3m, width 1.5m  and height 2m, with a coating from 70 to 100 microns.