Today, probably, you can hardly find a person who would not have attended training of any kind, say seminar, couching, short-term courses or lectures. These are not synonymous words, these are different types of learning. Yet,  only training can combine theory and practice.

We often hear or read the news about the “effective training”, but still do not fully understand what that means. Effective training is when the participants get not only the knowledge, but the skills as well. You must admit that you cannot learn to ride a bicycle or swim, just listening to a lecture on how to ride or swim! Theory will not be enough, practice is what you need. This is the effectiveness of training, knowledge through practical exercises.

These are the types of trainings with practical exercises that we regularly conduct for our employees. As a rule we enroll the leading European experts to the trainings.

As we have mentioned earlier our specialists received training provided by SkillSonics Company (Switzerland). And recently we had a training for the entire production team, starting from the welding line to the technical department. The training was conducted by specialists of the Rieter Uzbekistan company. The main emphasis was made on quality control at the each stages of production.

We are sure that such trainings help to develop our employees and promote towards a new start in production!

Metal Processing – Swiss quality made in Uzbekistan!

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