Painting of metal surfaces is a modern and desirable method of applying a polymer coating on metal, which creates a reliable anti-corrosion effect. Such a coating not only increases the protective properties of products, but also applies a decorative effect.

Surfaces are coated by spraying powder paint, followed by polymerization process in an oven and allows getting a high-quality surface of the part.

We use coating in the manufacture of various parts, both production and industrial ones, as well as of decorative and office furniture.

To coat parts, we use our special technological equipment “Komby” with a special coating booth, which allows painting assembly units with dimensions: length 3m – width 1.5m – height 2m, creating a coating with a thickness of 70 – 100 microns.

The maximum weight of loaded parts is 300 kg.

To coat parts, we need the following information:

  • dimensions;
  • weight;
  • the part area to be coated;
  • color (wishes or requirements for color).