rezka metalla

Shaping and cutting of sheet metal of any complexity and thickness up to 20 mm (stainless steel, ferrous metal, copper, brass, aluminum).

The working area on a laser metal cutter is 1500×3000 mm.

Part geometry is programmed in the BySoft CAD/CAM application. As a result of cutting, a flawlessly clean cut can be obtained.

• Laser processing of sheet metal ensures the safety of the operations performed by specialists due to the minimum contact of the laser beam with the surface, so the rest of the part does not heat up during operation.

• Laser machining is so accurate and efficient that a part manufactured in this process does not require additional machining and can be immediately transferred to the next production process.

• Laser machining operations are carried out on BYSTRONIC FIBER 3000, which is today one of the most modern equipment models used in sheet metal machining.


Technical capabilities of laser cutting
Steel Maximum cutting thickness 20mm
Stainless steel Maximum cutting thickness 12mm
Cink Steel Maximum cutting thickness 3.0mm
Aluminum Maximum cutting thickness 12mm
Copper Maximum cutting thickness 6.0mm
Brass Maximum cutting thickness 6.0mm