The global problem of humanity “COVID-19” has made its own adjustments in the lives of many and the number of people infected in the first time of the pandemic grew rapidly. In this regard, there was a need to supply medical facilities with the necessary equipment for complex treatment of patients. At the moment, the situation with the virus has stabilized, it became possible to prevent the disease by receiving various injections, but there is always a risk of getting sick and new cases are still being detected, albeit less often.

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In order to localize ventilation systems (artificial lung ventilation) in Uzbekistan, «Chirana Asia» has established a process for assembling and introducing this type of medical equipment.

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For the functional use of the device and for convenient transportation, a special stand is required. «Metal Processing» has produced it according to all customer requirements. Our dear partners from «Chirana Asia» were satisfied with the result, which makes us very happy.


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