photo 2019 02 18 18 10 21Taking Care of the New Generation! 

This was the motto for our presentation of the infant incubator mobile stand at the Medical Seminar for Neonatologists held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on February 15, 2019.

We decided to make our contribution to the development of domestic medicine with the special infant incubator mobile stand developed by our specialists.

The mobile stand is made of  carbon structural steel, covered with powder paint, which provides additional qualitative properties, namely:



  • increased resistance to abrasion, solvents and atmospheric factors;
  • reduced fire hazard;
  • almost no chemical smell.


The wheels of the infant incubator mobile stand are equipped with stoppers for better stability. Its two shelves are designed for keeping baby care accessories. It is a fully domestic design and production!

Another undoubted advantage of our mobile stand is that being locally produced it does not require any additional costs for transportation, import and customs expenses. We can produce mobile stands of any modification to meet nearly any requirements of our medicine.

We feel our involvement and responsibility for the new generation of our country to grow healthy! There we see our mission and social responsibility.