The digital world calls for new solutions in industrial sphere. Hence, the Metal Processing plant continues upgrading the plant with the most modern equipment. Our new machines will ensure even more accuracy in the processing the metal parts and improve the quality of the produced products.


Durma Bending Press

As you are aware we produce a lot of details which require bending works with the utmost precision. The best solution is to equip our production with the most advanced computer-controlled bending machine. Having that we will now be able to produce for you both simple and rather complex profiles.


Now there will be no need for a protracted and costly welding when bending the large and thick  sheet metal parts for various industrial spheres. The bending of metal parts will be performed with perfect accuracy with maximum resistance properties.


the bending large and thick sheet metal parts for various industries will allow avoiding lengthy and costly welding, which can result in the risk of loss of material stability and, as a result, bending of metal parts will be performed with perfect accuracy.

PL-C Plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting is a type of metal processing in which a plasma jet is used as a cutting tool.


Our high-performance plasma machine enables us to cut large scale metal sheets. It allows to process the details up to 6000 mm in length.

PLC Plasma cutting machines are a reliable source of plasma cuttings when it comes to higher level of material thickness. Depending on material and thickness, cut quality and cutting speed we can offer you the appropriate solutions for your tasks.

Durma AD-S 60320 Hydraulic Downstroking Pressbrake

Standard large overhand and space-saving machine concept create a large area of free space right from the start. And design products with large metallic surface can be included in production without any problem.

“Metal Processing” always strives to incorporate the growing needs of our partners and we therefore resolve to improve the capacity of sheet metal processing. We look forward to working with you.

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