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On June 7, Metal Processing representatives from the South Korean company Eunsung Industry visited our factory. During the visit, the issue of cooperation in the production of non-standard metal structures was discussed. The plant’s specialists showed the guests the production capacity of our enterprise, and also explained the advantages and technological features of this or that equipment.

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After the excursion, it was decided to discuss the most important details of the interaction and clarify all aspects of the implementation of the Eunsung Industry request. Let us note the fact that upon receipt of non-standard projects, in order to achieve the highest quality of execution, the specialists of the Metal Processing design department conduct a thorough preparation and collection of the necessary technical information. In the case of Eunsung Industry, the designer clarified the required product parameters for further development of drawings and preparation of 3D simulation.

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At the end of the business meeting, the guests were presented with presents from Metal Processing as a sign of good friendship and partnership between the two enterprises. In the future, it is planned to develop relations with Eunsung Industry and implement new ideas.