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On May 28, we were pleased to visit the UzTextileExpo 2021 exhibition. Our main goal was to establish business and mutually beneficial relations with representatives of the textile industry, as well as to strengthen friendship with those companies that are already reliable partners.

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Specialists of the marketing department carried out a thorough work on highlighting the activities of Metal Processing, collected information about the needs of textile companies, which is necessary for further improvement and modernization of products. After all, the development of new promising projects will facilitate production in the future and save you from many inconvenient decisions.

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The exhibition was remarkable in that the freedom of business communication was not violated by any barriers. Contact with the participants of the event was easy and pleasant, all participants were happy to share useful knowledge and ideas, and also offered to feel the quality of a particular product by touch.

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Many representatives were interested in further cooperation with Metal Processing. Textile companies dyeing industrial material have shown particular interest in Metal Processing’s bulk container trolleys. Their demand is explained not only by their high mobility, durability and colossal capacity, but also by the almost complete absence of high-quality analogues in the Uzbek market, which previously forced them to import from abroad.

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Thus, the exchange of contact information and catalogs was carried out, telephone negotiations were scheduled to conclude new contracts.

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