Every day, more than 25% of enterprises operating in the agricultural sector experience difficulties with the organization of irrigation systems. Metal Processing has taken on the task of facilitating a number of jobs and is ready to offer practical solutions – “Hose Rewinder and Hose Collector”.

These developments were codenamed 18.26.1000 and 18.26.2000

The hose reel unit is a device specially designed for fast and convenient placement of hose membranes over the irrigated area. The unit is equipped with 6 landing zones for hose reels, which ensures fast unwinding of hoses in even rows.

In addition to the unwinding unit, a hose collection unit has been specially developed for fast and, most importantly, convenient hose reeling.


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Characteristics of the hose reel unit:

▪️ Dimensions (LxDxH): 7420x1171x1050 mm

▪️ 6 landing zones for hose reels

▪️ Sturdy metal construction

▪️ Powder coating


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photo 2022 05 17 12 42 39 2


Features of the hose assembly:

▪️ Dimensions (LxDxH): 2240x865x1350 mm

▪️ 2 coil slots

▪️ Straight shaft driving a common winding mechanism

▪️ Sturdy metal construction

▪️ Powder coating

Thanks to the unique Metal Processing painting technique, the paint layer will be resistant to work under the scorching sun. The products are completely made of metal elements (excluding additional technological details)