The New Year is approaching, and your presents are not ready!


How many of you are familiar with the following situation:

Two days till the New Year, and you frantically run through all the shopping centers in search of an unusual gift. But after several hours of futile searches, you realize that you won’t be able to find a special gift and at the last minute you grab what’s left on shelves, making an oath of promise that next year you will think of gifts and presents for your colleagues and your family much earlier.


That is why, we decided to break this vicious circle and help you surprise not only our loved ones and colleagues, but above all yourself! All you need is to call or write to us and tell us about your present preferences. We, in turn, will provide you with a sketch of a gift designed specifically for you – logo, color, shape, etc. Of course, we understand that we are talking about products made exclusively of sheet metal. Take a look at our telegram channel (, where the creative brain of our company has collected unique ideas from the Internet, which we can easily adapt to your needs.




And that’s all! Now you only need to get together in a warm company with your family and friends for the New Year party and enjoy unwrapping these truly unusual, beautiful, exclusive metal gifts.


So, imagine, the new year is already coming, and you have …. And you already have the presents!


You only need to make a New Year’s wish! Just don’t tell anyone))


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